Angels in the Attic

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Years ago, a little girl became lost in the dense woods just outside the scenic coastal village of Stony Point, Maine. Saved by a mysterious stranger who protected her until help could arrive, the little girl was convinced her guardian was an angel. 

Now, nearly 70 years later, Annie Dawson finds evidence of the little girl’s fascination with angels in the attic of her Victorian-era home. A scrapbook replete with images of, and stories about, angels defines both the trauma and victory of the little girl’s experience.

But why did Betsy Holden, the grandmother who bequeathed Grey Gables to Annie, have the scrapbook? Annie is intrigued by the discovery of the angelic collection and sets out to find its owner.

At the same time, Annie and her friends in the Hook and Needle Club take over the planning for Stony Point’s annual mother-daughter banquet set for the week after Mother’s Day. June Wallace, wife of the pastor of Stony Point Community Church, normally coordinates the event, but she has her hands full caring for her ill sister.

Annie throws herself into the work for the mother-daughter banquet, but finds herself thinking more and more of her own daughter, LeeAnn, back in Annie’s native Texas. In the years since moving to Stony Point, Annie has never shared the tradition with LeeAnn. Why should this year be any different?

Will the twists and turns of tracking down the owner of the angelic scrapbook lead Annie and her friends into harm’s way? Or will it prove to Annie that, indeed, there are angels among us?

The Characters

Annie has lived in Brookfield, Texas, for the last 28 years but grew up in Stony Point, Maine. At 49, she is still attractive with her gray-blond hair, but since her husband, Wayne, died of a heart attack last year, her green eyes have lost their sparkle. She doesn't know quite how she fits into this new, but lonely, phase of her life. So she contents herself with her crochet projects and her garden. Still, however, her life lacks focus and meaning.

A childhood friend of Annie's, Alice has lived in Stony Point all her life. She is divorced and lives next door to Grey Gables in the small but cozy carriage house that used to be the gatekeeper's house for the mansion on the hill. Annie is delighted to reconnect with her long-lost friend.

Mary Beth is the owner of the local yarn shop, A Stitch in Time, in the center of town. She has lived in Stony Point her whole life, has never been married and seems to be the self-appointed town mother. It's nearly impossible to keep a secret around her since she knows absolutely everything going on in town.

Annie's daughter LeeAnn lives in Dallas, Texas and has an independent nature. She and her husband, Herb, have 5-year-old twins, John and Joanna. LeeAnn is worried about her mother's well-being but keeps in touch on a regular basis.