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When it comes to solving mysteries and collaring criminals, Dr. Ashley Hart always lands on her feet . . .

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Nestled in the mountains of Colorado near Rocky Mountain National Park, the charming town of Aspen Falls seems to have it all—from stunning vistas to miles of beautiful trails used for wildlife viewing, cross-country skiing, and wildflower walks. And then there’s the quaint downtown that’s filled with western Victorian architecture—a nod to the town’s heritage.

But what Aspen Falls hasn’t had in years is a veterinarian, and the residents have decided to do something about it. They come together as a community to donate retail space for an animal clinic in the old fire station, hoping to bring a doctor to the area who can treat animals both large and small. When Dr. Ashley Hart hears about the offer, she knows it’s the perfect opportunity for her and her Dalmatian, Max. What she doesn’t realize is that there’s more to the picturesque town than meets the eye. The small community is teeming with mysteries, and Ashley soon finds herself in the thick of them. Fortunately, she discovers an ally in handsome U.S. Park Ranger Cole Hawke, and she also finds a friend and fellow sleuth in Holly Kipp, owner of 3 Alarm Fur, a traveling grooming service she runs out of the station.

In Foal Me Once, Ashley is called to Canterbury Stables to treat an Andalusian foal with a strange constellation of symptoms. Her visit ends on a good note, but when the rancher calls her the next day to report a Belgian colt suffering from similar problems, Ashley suspects foul play. She arrives to find the horse exhibiting classic signs of poisoning, a dead trainer in the barn, and a pressing mystery on her hands.

The Characters

38-year-old veterinarian Dr. Ashley Hart is always up for a challenge. Smart, bighearted, and driven, she jumps at the chance to open her own practice in Aspen Falls. She’s thrilled that the residents have chosen her to be their veterinarian, and she looks forward to the adventures she and her Dalmatian, Max, will have in their new home. What she doesn’t expect, however, is the menagerie of mysteries that await them in the charming mountain town.

Independent and spunky, 32-year-old Holly Kipp grew up in Gilmore Creek, Colorado, a sleepy town located about an hour away from Aspen Falls. She’s always loved animals and decided to marry her passion for pets with her desire to open her own pet grooming business. 3 Alarm Fur is a full-service pet salon located in the town’s old firehouse, across the hall from Ashley’s clinic, and Holly and Ashley hit it off immediately. Holly enjoys a good conspiracy theory and is always ready to lend a sleuthing hand. She is also a member of the Bookaru Book Club and she never misses a meeting if they’re reading a mystery novel.

Social butterfly and owner of the Mountain Goat Coffee Company, 50-year-old Melanie Lyons always seems to know the latest town gossip. Her coffee shop is located next door to the Happy Tails Veterinary Clinic and she befriends Ashley immediately, always eager to discuss her small herd of goats and two pet Barnevelder chickens, Butch and Cassidy.

With a degree in acting and a penchant for drama, Melanie sings in the church choir and often volunteers to be in the town’s Old West reenactments and other festivals. But Ashley detects another kind of acting going on . . . Melanie lives next door to the horse farm where the trainer Bruce Peterson was found dead in a stall, and she seems to know more about it than she’s telling.

38-year-old Cole Hawke is a U.S. Park Ranger in the White River National Forest. His friends would describe him as good-natured, dependable, and smart, and some would even say he’s one of Aspen Falls most eligible bachelors. An avid cross-country skier and mountain biker, he loves the great outdoors and spends as much time in it as possible, both on the job and off. He’s a member of the In CaHOOTS Bird Watchers club, and he often takes the unofficial lead on the hikes.

Cole is open to a serious romance but he hasn’t found the right woman—until Ashley moves to town. She has a beautiful smile and a spark he can’t resist, but he worries about her getting mixed up in the murder of local trainer, Bruce Peterson.

A member of one of the town’s oldest families, Bruce was a kind man, dedicated to his job, and one who genuinely cared about the well-being of the horses he worked with. He was loved by all—or so it seemed. But when Ashley discovers evidence that his death was no accident, a cloud of suspicion settles over the town of Aspen Falls. Who would want the talented horse trainer dead? As it turns out, Bruce had a few secrets of his own. Ashley must unleash the truth and catch a thoroughbred killer before the culprit sets his sights on her.