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Trouble is definitely brewing in this enchanting Irish village.

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Experience the thrill of cozy mysteries set against the backdrop of picturesque Ireland! In this series, you’ll meet Penny Cavanagh and the lovable residents of Blarney Green, Ireland, and be drawn in as Penny finds herself entangled in the mysteries of the town. As she solves them with her wit and tenacity—and a little help from handsome Detective Inspector Finn Campbell—you’re sure to fall in love with every book in the Irish Tearoom Mysteries series.

The Characters

When professional matchmaker Penny  Cavanagh gets caught up in the scandal of a high-profile breakup, she decides it’s time for a vacation. She travels to Blarney Green, Ireland, to visit her grandmother, Nan Murphy, and her favorite cousin Nora. She plans to stay only for a few weeks. Unbeknownst to Penny, they intend for her to stay in Ireland indefinitely to take over Nan’s tearoom, The Merry Teapot. But none of them could know how much trouble is about to fall on Blarney Green.

Nan has barely missed a day of work at The Merry Teapot in 70 years, but she won’t be able to keep up that pace forever. It’s time to ensure the future of her family’s tearoom is safe in the hands of the next generation, and if she can kill two birds with one stone by convincing her granddaughter Penny to move to Ireland and take it over, all the better. Unfortunately, the suspicious death of a tearoom guest is not making for a warm welcome.

Professional artist Nora Murphy is delighted when her favorite cousin arrives in Ireland. Maybe it’s because she grew up with six brothers, but she and Penny have always been close, even when they were far apart. She knows they’ll have all kinds of fun together, especially if Nora can convince Penny to stay in Ireland and move into the tower house she calls home. But when English master gardener Colin Bexley, whom Nora knows from her time in London, is dead within hours of leaving the tearoom and kissing the Blarney Stone, things aren’t looking so good.

Finn Campbell has spent years working his way up through the ranks of Ireland’s police force, Garda Síochána. Now he’s heading the station in his hometown of Blarney Green. He’s near his widowed mother, Linda, who insists that she doesn’t need his help, but he likes being on hand just in case. He’s dated casually, but he’s never found the right woman—until Penny Cavanaugh arrives in town. As the 1384th heir in line for the royal throne, he might just turn out to be her very own Prince Charming. He’d love to ask her out. If he can just keep her out of danger long enough. . .

Irresistibly cute, Earl and Grey come and go as they please between Nan’s cottage and the nearby tearoom. Earl is spunky and sweet but a little on the clumsy side and not quite as good at sneaking around as the typical cat. Grey on the other hand is wise, stealthy, and clever. They have both been known to help their humans uncover clues and solve mysteries.