Her Blessed Gift

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Addie Weaver has lived in the Amish tourist town of Pinecraft for the last year since leaving her difficult life in Lancaster County behind. With the assistance of her dear aunt, she's making a new place for herself in the Florida sunshine, complete with her own tiny home and a job at the local diner. She's not sure she'll stay forever, but for right now she's content. When a handsome Amish man sits down at her booth one evening just before closing, she can see he is troubled by something. Her heart tells her she must try to help.

David Brenneman is at the end of his rope. Since his parents' deaths, he's been responsible for raising his teenage siblings, Roy and Leona Sue. David is worried because the twins have run away from their Pennsylvania home. He's tracked them to Pinecraft, but now he's lost their trail. Tired and in need of a good meal, he can hardly believe his good luck when a kind waitress with a sympathetic ear offers him assistance. Addie takes David to visit her aunt, who knows everyone in Pinecraft, and she promises to put out the alert. If the twins are in town, Aenti Elma will hear about it. Relieved and buoyed by the progress, David walks Addie home. But when they arrive, they find a surprise on the doorstep: a basket containing a pink and precious baby girl.

Who is the child? Where did she come from? David and Addie set out to find sweet little Libby Jo's Mamm, while at the same time continuing to search for David's missing siblings. But along the way they find more than they bargained for, in each other. Addie's love for the baby and encouragement for David are slowly but surely breaching his heart's defenses. And David's steadfast honor and determination are showing Addie that not all men are like her troubled, bitter Daed. Separately, they begin to envision a future with each other. But there's a big obstacle: David's life is in Pennsylvania, and Addie has too many bad memories to go back.

Can someone else's child help two broken people heal and become stronger . . . together?

The Characters

Being the eldest child often means having more responsibility. With four younger siblings, Sarah Beth has a firm understanding of the weight she must bear.

After the passing of her Grossmammi -- a loss almost as devastating as the one the King children endured 12 years earlier when both of their parents were killed in a harvesting accident -- Sarah Beth, 24, is left to look after her special needs sister, Cora, 17, and only brother, Toby, 14. As for her 12-year-old twin sisters, Lovina and Luann, other family members felt it would be best for the girls to live with relatives in another church district, decimating the King family once again.

Family is everything to Sarah Beth! And she is determined to get hers back together ... even if that means putting off her thoughts of courtship and starting a family of her own. But why does her heart beat wildly when she meets her handsome new neighbor, Elias Stutzman? Is she drawn to the allure of his deep blue eyes ... or maybe it is the secrets they are hiding?

Life has been anything but easy for Elias ... abandoned by his Mamm who jumped the fence to Englisch life when he was just a kid ... passed along from one distant relative to another ... running with the wrong group of "friends" who always kept him on the outer edge of their circle.

Now, at 29 years old, Elias longs to be accepted for the hardworking man he is today and leave his past behind him. Hickory Meadows, known for its welcoming folks and strong sense of community, could give him the home he has always dreamed of having -- and possibly a family of his own.

But the shocking damage done to his buggy shop soon after his arrival makes it very clear that he is not welcome. Elias knows only a few people, so who would try to run him out of the church district? Maybe it was just a bunch of bored kids. Perhaps he pushed Sara Beth, his attractive new neighbor with the feisty spirit, a little too far. Or has someone from Elias's past discovered his new life?