Annie's Search

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Annie Miller should be happy in her Amish community, but nothing can quiet the unrest in her heart at not knowing her English birth Mamm. Despite the reservations of her family, she must find her Mamm before she can settle permanently into Amish life. 

Her younger sister, Rose, has nursed a crush on wild Jesse Yoder for years, but when he returns to town after his Rumspringa, he seems more interested in Annie. Maybe if Rose can convince him to help in Annie's search, it will give her the opportunity to win his favor.

Nursing a broken heart, Jesse is ready to settle back into the peace of Amish life. When Rose asks him to help on a quest to find Annie's birth Mamm, he wonders if this might be a chance to do some good to make up for the sins of his past. But he doesn't count on his sudden and inexplicable attraction to Annie.

Despite the reservations of the community, the three set out in search of Annie's Mamm. As they hit one dead end after another, the feelings between them become more complicated. They all know that Rose will make Jesse a better Frau, but he continues to be drawn to Annie. And no one seems to want to give them answers about Annie's birth Mamm. Not to mention the belligerent bishop who halts their progress wherever he can. Can the three hearts survive this journey intact? What will they find about Annie's Mamm, and will the truth tear her away from everything she's ever known?