A Time for Hope

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Nancy Lambright loves the freedom she gets by living above the schoolhouse and teaching the children of Divinity, especially the ones who struggle. She’s determined not to let any man boss her around the way her Daed bosses around her Mamm. And since getting married would mean giving up her job, she has no intention of settling down anytime soon. 

Mark Yoder is in no place to marry, either. He doesn’t want to get pushed into a life of farming, but he hasn’t found other work that would allow him to provide for a family. In fact, he has a secret talent—a knack for capturing life in his sketches and comic strips. But since his family views his work as a frivolous pursuit, he must keep it hidden. He just needs a little more time to figure out how to earn a living with his art.

A chance meeting between Nancy and Mark sets the pair to wondering if Mark’s art could help Nancy’s students. As the two find themselves drawn to one another, they decide to let their families think they’re headed toward marriage. It’s a harmless deception, and one they hope will buy them each a little more time to pursue their dreams. After all, neither one is prepared for that big commitment just yet, or so they think. As their work brings them closer, their hearts seem to be saying something else . . .