Fields of Promise

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As a young woman, Lilith Kaufman King shocked her family and friends when she ran off to marry an Englischer—someone outside of the Amish community. But when her husband and their young son are killed in a car accident, Lilith returns to the Amish to be closer to her parents. They want her to move on with her life, but Lilith’s heart is still broken. As a way to stay busy, she agrees to help keep house for Joshua Troyer, who has also recently returned to town with his young daughter, Maddy, in tow. Lilith soon finds that being with Maddy is a balm to her spirit, softening the edges of her grief.

Like everyone else, Lilith believes that Joshua is a widower. But he has a big secret—one that would threaten his family’s place in the town should it ever come out. Outsiders both, Lilith and Joshua don’t feel at home in the close-knit community, though they soon find they do feel comfortable with each other. What starts as friend-ship soon evolves into a deeper connection. Yet with heartbreak and falsehoods between them, neither of them is free to begin a new life. It will take patience, trust, and honesty for Lilith and Joshua to move beyond their pain and their pasts toward the prospect of a more joyful life than they ever thought possible.