Deceptive Truths

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Jayla Randall is finally picking up the pieces of her shattered life. After answering a tragic 911 call that resulted in a woman’s murder last year, she experienced more heartache when Cooper Cole ended their relationship.

On the one-year anniversary of the murder, the past comes back to haunt her. Jayla dispatches police to the very same apartment, where another woman was killed. 

Cooper quit the police force after the first murder. He was shot attempting to help the victim, but he was too late to save her. Though Cooper recovered from the physical injuries, he’s still tormented by guilt and the loss of Jayla. Cooper believed that letting her go was the best thing for both of them.
Now he’s not so sure.

The latest crime brings Jayla and Cooper together again. They must set aside their past hurts to solve a murder that’s the mirror image of the one that turned their lives upside down. As they investigate, they find themselves getting closer to the truth as well as each other.
Will Jayla and Cooper identify the killer—and rekindle their love—before tragedy strikes again?