Safe Haven Stalker

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Deep down, physical therapist Annie Bishop longs for a home and community to belong to. Having left behind a career in the big city and changed her name to escape a stalker, those seemingly normal, everyday wishes are out of reach. When her former boss offers her a new job in Safe Haven, Iowa, Annie hopes the charming small town will live up to its name. 
In her new job, Annie delves into the work she loves—helping others rehabilitate and recover active lives. She’s learned to resist forming close attachments, especially when it comes to romance, knowing that falling in love with someone might put them in harm’s way. But when her car and house are sabotaged, Annie fears her stalker has tracked her down, and it may be time to run yet again.
As a police officer, Curt Porter operates with the mindset that not everything is what it seems, and danger is always present. After losing his wife in a home invasion and becoming a single father to eight-year-old Noah, Curt is convinced that only his constant vigilance will keep his young son safe. Between a demanding law enforcement career and doing his best to be a great dad to Noah, there isn’t room for much else in Curt’s life.
But it’s difficult to ignore his attraction to the kind, beautiful physical therapist helping Noah recover from a soccer injury. Little by little, Curt lets Annie into his world—as well as Noah’s— and his heart begins to open again. When the seemingly random pranks against her start to escalate, Curt wonders whether Annie Bishop is hiding something, and whether keeping her safe could cost his own family’s safety.