Fatal Artifacts

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When Hillary Filmore is hired to clean a reclusive art collector’s mansion following his murder, she arrives anticipating just another day at work. As the owner of a successful crime scene cleanup company, Hillary finds solace in helping others restore property after tragic events. But as she conducts her evaluation, she quickly discovers that she is not the only one inside the stately home. When a mysterious stranger attacks—demanding to know if she has unearthed a rare, valuable artifact—Hillary is thrust into a dangerous hunt for the missing relic. With her life and career on the line, an old friend emerges to help her solve the mystery, and Hillary has no choice but to accept his assistance. Even if it means dredging up a past she’d rather leave behind.
Responding to a call at a mansion outside the small town of Crow’s Landing, Nebraska, Detective Ryan Tulley and his K-9 partner, Codis, arrive to hear a crash and a woman’s scream. Ryan is shocked when his ex-girlfriend, Hillary, rushes into his arms for safety. Hillary is grateful for Ryan’s aid—at least until she recognizes him. Her reaction immediately confirms that no amount of time can heal the resentment she carries, still believing that Ryan thwarted her chance to pursue the career of her dreams. Forced to work together despite their turbulent past, Ryan and Hillary set out to determine who attacked her, and what the reckless criminal is after. As the art collector’s murder investigation unfolds, it becomes clear someone is out to hurt Hillary and those she loves, though neither yet understands why.