At Summer's End

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The charming town of Magnolia Harbor, South Carolina, prepares for the highly anticipated Candlelight Journey Festival. The owners of the Magnolia Harbor Inn -- sisters Grace Porter and Charlotte Wylde -- plan an elaborate party with a Revolutionary War theme as they welcome their guests.

Fashion designer Lydia Walkerton is enduring a difficult season. Overwhelmed with sorrow and regret, she seeks solitude and withdraws from the rest of the world. Will her time at the bed-and-breakfast help her find the courage to face her fears and make amends with her loved ones?

Eager to begin their new life together, Daniel and Maggie Sims arrive at the inn for their honeymoon. But when conflicts arise in their family, the young couple must choose between running away from their problems and confronting the mistakes of the past.

Dr. Ian Southby is fascinated with the historical aspects of the magnificent old mansion and offers to buy an antique sampler on the wall. After Grace declines to part with the sentimental piece, it goes missing, making the innkeepers question whether the eccentric historian is a thief.

As Grace and Charlotte search for the missing sampler, the Magnolia Harbor Inn works its magic in the lives of their guests. Will these hurting souls discover healing and reconciliation at summer's end?

The Characters

A Southern woman through and through, hospitality runs deep in Grace's veins. When the grand antebellum mansion in her hometown of Magnolia Harbor, South Carolina, was up for auction seven and a half years ago, Grace (now age 47) knew purchasing the estate with her sister, Charlotte, and remodeling it to become the Magnolia Harbor Inn was her new calling.

While she'd enjoyed many years of success working in the corporate world, the long hours and constant hustle of life in Charleston had taken its toll. Plus, it had been no small feat raising her son, Jake, on her own after a tragic accident took the life of her beloved husband when Grace was just 26 years old.

Now that Jake was grown and making a life of his own, Grace was happy to trade in the traffic jams for relaxing strolls along the sparkling shoreline of Lake Haven. Maybe she'd even wander down the lane to visit her handsome new neighbor, Spencer Lewis, who recently bought Blossom Hill Farm. A friendly gesture that Grace knew her aunt Winnie would surely approve of, but not before checking to make sure each guest at the inn has everything they need.

With an incredible knack for knowing what others need, often before they do, Winnie's intuitive nature, gentle spirit and worlds of wisdom are appreciated not only by her nieces, Grace and Charlotte, but by the guests who come to stay at the Magnolia Harbor Inn. At 69 years old, Winnie lives a fun, fulfilling and active life. She enjoys taking daily walks over to the inn, which is less than a mile away from the home she shares with her husband, Gus, and meeting up with The Busy Bees Quilting group to handcraft beautiful blankets, table runners, wall hangings and more.

Thirteen years younger than Grace, Charlotte is a smart, savvy and sensational chef who loves mixing up homemade dishes for the guests at the Magnolia Harbor Inn. In fact, purchasing the inn with her sister was just the step Charlotte needed to get out of Charleston's cutthroat restaurant business and into running the inn's kitchen as she sees fit. When she's not piping ganache onto her freshly baked pastries, Charlotte is penning recipes for her next cookbook--she already has three that made the best-seller list!