O Come All Ye Fatal

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Life is simply divine in seaside Somerset Harbor, Maine, and the holiday season is no exception. As antiques shop owner Maggie Watson prepares for Christmas with her daughter, Carriage House Antiques bustles with gift-seeking customers. As if that weren’t enough to keep her busy, Maggie is swiftly caught up in a mystery surrounding an elaborate antique angel she recently purchased at the estate sale of late socialite Abigail Conrad, whose dubious final demands make it clear she was no saint. 

Although the expensive clockwork toy requires repair, Maggie is besieged by strangers with uncanny interest in the antique, including Abigail’s scorned nephew, Simon. An odd item dislodged from inside the angel disappears nearly as soon as it is found, leaving Maggie with more questions about Abigail. When she goes to confront Simon, however, she discovers him dead under suspicious circumstances. With her cherished friends acting as guardian angels, Maggie commits to moving heaven and earth to solve Simon’s death and decipher the puzzle of his aunt’s cryptic final wishes.